Medical Direction

EMRs, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Dispatchers, and EMS Educators all operate under the direction of a medical director team.

Hennepin EMS operates under the collaborative medical direction of several nationally known Emergency Medicine faculty physicians who have a combined total of over 55 years of EMS experience. The Medical Director Division is responsible for establishing, approving, and maintaining all aspects of quality pre-hospital patient care delivered by Hennepin EMS. In addition to working closely with 911 services, the Medical Director Division is actively engaged in all areas of the Hennepin EMS operation including research, aeromedical operations, disaster preparedness, technical rescue operations, tactical medicine, community paramedicine, outreach, special event operations, and continuing education and training. The Medical Director Division also oversees an ACGME approved EMS Fellowship as a pathway for qualified physicians in training to begin a career in EMS medicine.