Hennepin EMS Emergency Medical Dispatchers have successfully completed education through an accredited institution and hold licensure in the State of Minnesota through the EMS Regulatory Board (EMSRB) at the EMT level, or higher. Our EMDs are also certified through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch as Emergency Medical Dispatchers. EMDs may also seek additional education to become Communications Training Officers, EMD Quality Assurance Officers, or part of the Incident Dispatch Team (COML, COMT, RADO), which deploys on large incidents and pre-planned events.

The onboarding process for a new EMD/EMT includes:

  • Candidate completes an online application
  • Candidate completes an interview
  • Candidate completes a background check, psych evaluation, and physical agility test

New-hire EMDs are evaluated through a 6-month probationary period that is made up of classroom/didactic education and Training Officer evaluations. All new-hire EMD/EMTs to successfully complete their probationary period are celebrated at an Academy Graduation Ceremony, in which a family member, friend, CTO, or other significant person to the graduate removes their silver probationary badge, and pins them with their permanent silver and gold badge.