Our Careers

Knowledgeable and Skillful Staff

Hennepin EMS takes pride in the knowledgeable and skillful staff serving our organization and our communities.

Our paramedics excel in providing field emergency care in a fast paced metro area. Our communications team supports not only our daily 9-1-1 responses, but is a local, regional, and state EMS resource. Hennepin EMS is comprised of skillful and experienced support staff, like our onsite mechanics who work diligently to ensure our ambulances are safe to operate and ready to respond to emergencies. Our stock staff work around the clock to ensure we have the tools we need to provide lifesaving treatments. Our administrative assistant and scheduler ensure our offices remain organized and properly staffed. We offer multiple opportunities for staff to participate in committees and task forces keeping our medics engaged and active members of the Hennepin EMS team. At Hennepin EMS we care for those who care for you. Join our team today!!