Hennepin EMS

Providing Emergency Medical Services to the Residents and
Visitors of Hennepin County, Minnesota


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We Are Hennepin EMS

Hennepin EMS is an urban/suburban 9-1-1 EMS agency that handles more than 87,000 calls for service each year from the residents and visitors of Hennepin County, Minnesota. Hennepin EMS is based at Hennepin Healthcare in downtown Minneapolis and serves 14 municipalities, covering 266 square miles, and a resident/visitor population of nearly 1.5 million.

Serving Since 1894

From horses to heart monitors, Hennepin EMS has been responding to emergencies for over a century.

Over 425,000 Communications Transactions

Our Emergency Communications Center recorded in excess of 425,000 transactions in 2018 – ranging from phone calls, computer entries, and radio transmissions.

More Than 80,000 Calls-for-Service

Our paramedics responded to 81,186 9-1-1 calls for emergency medical care in 2018.

Nearly 110,000 Student Classroom Hours

Our Educators/Instructors provided nearly 110,000 student classroom hours.

Media Brief

Enjoy a quick snippet of our Public Information Officer Press Releases and Hennepin EMS social media feed.

Day 2 in the books. Big focus on hemorrhage control, c-spine and some discussion of fracture immobilization. https://t.co/2G4tYxacqy hennepinems photo
Day 2 underway with @KOPIMEDICAL. Reviewing ABCs and primary trauma assessment. Then talking c-spine, hemorrhage control and fracture stabilization. https://t.co/15BPZ0UA8G hennepinems photo
Day 2 of training is delayed as the President of Tanzania is in town. This gives us time to catch up with our local colleagues and evaluate the work thus far. https://t.co/WFkRKzfsBX hennepinems photo
More pictures of day 1 training! Finished the day as a group with some amazing Indian food. ⁦ @hennepinems⁩ ⁦ @KOPIMEDICALhttps://t.co/p6l2VjTHrc hennepinems photo