Community Outreach and Education

Community Paramedic

The Hennepin EMS Community Paramedic Service brings primary healthcare in to the homes of our most intensive and disadvantaged clients by leveraging the infrastructure of the emergency medical services and the training of state-certified community paramedics.

Goals of the Community Paramedic program are to:

  • Increase client access to health and social services
  • Improve client engagement with therapy
  • Decrease Emergency Department and EMS utilization
  • Decrease admission and readmission rates

A community paramedic visit can be scheduled by using the order/referral system in EPIC and selecting the desired services.

Pivotal to the success of this program is its integration with community services and hospital providers. By bridging the hospital and the community, Community Paramedics aspire to extend the coordination of care.

Services offered by the community paramedic include:

  • Chronic disease monitoring
  • Client Education
  • Crisis Mitigation
  • Discharge Follow-up
  • Health Screening
  • Immunizations
  • Wellness Checks
  • Wound Care
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Home Safety Screening
  • Medication Delivery & Reconciliation
  • Medication Administration
  • Food drop
  • Laboratory Specimen Collection



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