Hennepin EMS Special OP's

Incident Dispatch Team

Incident DispatcherThe Hennepin EMS ECC Incident Dispatch Team (IDT) consists of 6 personnel that are specialty trained for incident response. The HEMS IDT is part of the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board Metro Region All-Hazards Incident Dispatch Team and Communication Response Taskforce (CRTF). The IDT is an all-hazards personnel resource that can be used by a COML, IC or agency to assist in the field, the command post, the EOC or the PSAP. The IDT also serves as Minnesota’s Telecommunications Emergency Response Taskforce (MN-TERT) under the National Joint TERT Initiative (NJTI). TERT is a state to state PSAP mutual aid personnel resource that operates under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC).  

Training, certifying, and qualifying dispatchers to deploy in support of communications and documentation functions at an incident, a command post or at the PSAP has gained acceptance and validation throughout our nation’s public safety system. Having these communications professionals bring their expertise to bear not only frees field personnel from being tied to the radio and notepad, but allows the unique skills of the dispatcher to augment the communications, logistics and documentation portions of incident management at critical emergencies.

Urban Search & Rescue (US&R), MN Taskforce 1

Mn Taskforce 1Hennepin EMS supports Minnesota Taskforce 1 team by assigning paramedics to the team. Our US&R medics are specialty trained in search and rescue, crush medicine and other techniques that are outside of the normal paramedic training curriculum. They are members of MN-1, train with the team and deploy as necessary.

Minnesota Task Force 1 (MN-TF1) is an urban search and rescue (USAR) team based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. MN-TF1 is a State of Minnesota resource developed to assist with emergencies involving natural or manmade disasters that require highly skilled search and rescue personnel in a collapse or specialized rescue environment. Although MN-TF1 is a State resource, the team works for and in support of local response agencies.

Hennepin EMS Special Event Operations

Hennepin EMS contracts with a variety of community organizers and/or professional and civic agencies to provide EMS coverage at numerous events through each year.   

We have been an integral part of both the Twin Cities Trathalon and the Minneapolis Triathalon since they began.  We provide EMS coverage to both players and fans at all Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves and Lynx home games.  We also provide EMS coverage for events like the Minneapolis Aquatennial, Hopkins Raspberry Festival, the Uptown Art Festival, Concerts and a variety of other venues with a large public gatherings.

In addition to contracted coverage, we also work to provide both private and public outreach to individuals and agencies through open houses, safety camps and a variety of public relations programs (National Night Out, etc) resources permitting.

If you need EMS Coverage for your Event, please contact Mike Rogers, Hennepin EMS Operation Supervisor at: Micheal.rogers@hcmed.org 

If you would like to request EMS Coverage for your Special Event, please fill out the information in the form below: