Tactical Emergency Medical Peace Officer

Tactical Emergency Medical Peace Officer (TEMPO) and First Responders refresher courses provide instructional principles and skills that can be used every day by front line patrol personnel and field investigators.

This course is not designed to replace a formal tactical program for SWAT teams, but should rather be considered a force multiplier of tactical medical personnel.

This course covers all of the basic EMT & First Responder topics required for National Registry and Minnesota refresher certification and is taught by a cadre of well-qualified and unique faculty. The faculty collectively has decades of experience in emergency patient care, tactical EMS, and law enforcement operations.

Available only to sworn law enforcement personnel, this course is unlike any standard EMT Refresher that you have attended. The course will enable you to use the skills that you have developed and apply them specifically to your occupational setting in ways that you have never thought of. Following successful program completion, your certification is valid for a period of 2 years but the skills you earn will be helpful to you and your partners for your career. First Responders will have to attend the complete three day course. Officer may encounter light to moderate physical activity during this course.

The TEMPO program was featured on KSTP news in February 2013. The story can be seen on the link below:

Police Get Medical Training in High-Pressure Situations

Overview of Course Plan

  • EMT-Basic & First Responder Initial or Refresher (fulfills National and MN requirements)
  • Certificate issued upon completion
  • Occupation specific emergency medical training
  • Scenario based skill evaluations and instruction
  • Course design specific to Law Enforcement personnel
  • Low student to instructor ratio for continuous feedback
  • Expanded Instruction on additional medical topics such as Excited Delirium Syndrome recognition and treatment; Officer Survival Physiology; Self Care/Partner Care; Tactical Evacuation; Critical Decision drills; Suspect Care after TASER Device application.
  • Approximately 50% of the course is field based with use of the training tower


TEMPO EMT-Basic Initial Class to be held in November


For more information contact Program Coordinator Tony Brandt at Anthony.brandt@hcmed.org or (612) 873-9135