Hennepin EMS ECC & West MRCC

The Hennepin EMS Emergency Communication Center (ECC) is based at Hennepin County Medical Center. The West Medical Resource Control Center (WMRCC) is fully integrated into the daily operations of the Hennepin EMS ECC. Staffed with 15 Emergency Medical Dispatchers, the center provides dispatching services, pre-arrival instruction and resource coordination and information to Hennepin EMS Paramedics, the Hennepin County EMS System, the region and the State of Minnesota.

The ECC is a Secondary Public Safety Answering Point supporting Hennepin EMS Paramedics and managing deployment of up to 16 ambulances. Our Emergency Medical Dispatchers handle nearly 60,000 calls for service each year from the citizens and visitors of Hennepin County, Minnesota. 9-1-1 calls are directed from 8 primary 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points that serve the 14 municipalities in the Hennepin EMS primary service area, and the State Patrol. The service area covers 266 square miles and covers a population of over 700,000. In addition, calls are processed from EMS mutual aid partners, health care facilities and direct from the public. ECC personnel also assist EMS deployment to sporting events such as Minnesota Twins Baseball, Minnesota Vikings Football and public events such as the Twin City Marathon and the Minneapolis Aquatennial. With the added responsibility of WMRCC, our personnel support EMS throughout the state and region.